Monday, October 31, 2011

Palmar De Ocoa

mmm, the beach! in a place called Palmar de Ocoa, its like 3 hours away from our house, but awesome! there are some members that live down there!

HI! sorry for writing so late today! so i am super short on time, so sorry this is gonna be kinda lame today. but this week, in all honesty, was really not super great. we had to drop a lot of investigators, we only had 2 come to church, and it feels like we didn't make alot of progress with the people we have. but, the good thing is that if all goes well, we will be having a baptism next week! that should be good! his name is Juan Antonio, he is 17 and amazing. he is super stoked to be baptized and has alot of friends in the church, and was willing to change everything in his life so he  could be baptized. luckily, he doenst really need to change anything, he is already pretty much prepared haha. then today, we went down to Palmar de Ocoa for my zone leaders last pday. there are some really cool members that live there and so we went and they made us a bunch of food and we took TONS of pictures on the beach. that took forever to send, another reason I'm short on time haha. but it was super fun and really cool to see the ocean!

Palmar de ocoa is a gulf, but part of it you could see out to the full ocean, but super cool none the less!! but another thing is that my district is kinda crazy. well, mostly just one companionship. the senior comp is training, and he himself only has around 5 months and is working in a new area, and well, he is only teaching kids and all the friends of the kids. they are not looking for new families to teach, and there are lots since that area has never been worked in before. so i will be doing an intercambio with him this week to try and fix that. the kids are in need of baptism too, but in an area that has NO members, he needs to baptize others. hes consistently having around 20 investigators in church, but they are all primary age and loud and are taking away from the spirit in the church. so that has been a bit of a problem the last little bit, and we have talked to him and he really isn't understanding what we are saying and why he needs to look for new people. so, time to do something about it. haha. but anywho, that's really my only story for the week! i cant really think of anything else that has happened. its just been a hard week all around, but this week should be much much better! well i gotta role and I'm really sorry that this is so lame but I'm waaay beyond over my Internet time, so i gotta run! but i love you all and promise a really long awesome letter next week!!
Elder MacArthur


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