Monday, October 24, 2011

Diache...digo yo

OK, so this week. so Tuesday we start out with a lesson with these people named Ramon and Santa. they...well, Santa, the wife, she is really quite but is interested enough to take time to listen to us. Ramon is kinda crazy. he is cool, and he always reads what we leave him, but wow its hard to teach him. he goes off on the craziest tangents that are slightly related, but they take so long for him to explain! and he is always talking in a hypothetical way. anywho, we talked with him and it was a really long lesson, but good. he understood all of it and all. we then went to a different barrio on the other end of the city and started contacting there, we finished contacting the last area we were working in. so we go down and contact for ever and put very few lessons, i dunno what was up. everyone was either not home or about to leave for the capital. it was awful. 

Thursday we headed up to Parra again, and first off went to a little girl named Yanjelis, and she is just a difficult one. she loves to follow us around all day and thinks we are fascinating, but then when we go to her house to teach her (she is a reference, is like 11) she is just super...difficult. gets all quiet and dramatic, kinda funny actually. so we teach her, and then teach another lady, also a reference named margarita. she is about 40, and was going to get baptized about a year ago but couldn't because she had to move to the capital and work for awhile. it was an excellent lesson, the 2nd one that we have had with her and it was super amazing, she is super prepared. after that we visited a few other people and members and then had to go home, its a long walk to the house. on the way home we visited another old investigator named Ramona, she is cool, but has to get married. but, to make a REALLY long story short, she is engaged, and her husband gets outta jail tomorrow (he was framed for stealing a motorcycle and drug possession, but he didn't do it, hence hes getting released tomorrow) and so she was looking great to get baptized. then, when we pass by, she is all crabby, and says that she is not going to go to church anymore, cuz she doesn't like what we teach and how we "say the bible is wrong" and how she wont go because she doesn't like going to a church where she feels so uncomfortable.


So, we were talking to her for about and hour and a half. so one thing, when people have doubts or problems like that, almost NEVER are those their actual problems, they use that to cover the real problem, and we found the real problem. she got offended by some members, and she knows alot of the members and they are complete hypocrites, and are different people in church and out of church. so, not good. we are working with her. but she knows its true, but she now cant get over those members. Thursday, was a long hot day. all we did was teach ramon and Santa again, which went well. we then contacted for ever and then visited some members there.

Friday, i did an intercambio and went to an area called sabana larga, and its in ocoa, but its far. the other companionship's are actually opening it. misisonaries have never worked there. we could work there, but since we are already working in parra, we couldn't balance it. but, its a huge area there. it was alot of fun, i went with elder peña, and he is super funny. probably the greatest story teller in the world. it made me really want a Dominican companion again. i really like my comp, but i want more Dominican comps. then Saturday we had a normal day, nothing special. just went and visited everyone and reminded them about church. then Sunday, i feel like crap. so, about 2 weeks ago i had a knarly cold, and i got over it mostly, but around Friday night it started to take revenge again. and Sunday i felt super awful, but i had to give a talk in church. so we go, and there was no power. (side note, here in my area, we have light 21 hours in the day which is AMAZING, but it always leaves in the morning, about the time of church) and the planta (generator) is outta gas. so i had a stuffy nose, sore throat, and raspy voice, and then had to give my talk without a mic, so i was trying to yell. but it was good, i talked about charity and it tied in really well since the people before me talked about faith and hope. bad news, NONE of our investigators came to church. it was super lame. we focused on that so much, and no one came. but, next week we will be going to the church in parra so hopefully we can drag some of them there. it should be good.
but ya, that was my week! Love you all, have a good week!
ELder MacArthur

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