Monday, December 13, 2010

Another week in San Cristobal!

OK man this week. so ill start out with a bit of excitement. so last night we had to be in the house by 8. why? well, ill tell you:

Our favorite colmado that we always go to, its closer to our house than shop-n-go. so at that colmado, there was a kid that worked there. Saturday night he was shot by a bunch of hooligan kids and killed about 100 yards from our house. so, the family of that kid was kinda out for revenge, so it wasn't the best time to be out in the night. so ya, this country is pretty cool....

Not much else, haha. we started working in a new barrio, again. sigh. this one is about a 40 min walk from our house. and like 50 from the chapel. so, don't really know how i feel about it but my companion is sure it what we have to do, so we'll see. its a cool area, not as many dirt roads and less evangelical people, but its harder to contact since its so far away. the mission goal is 140 contacts every week, and this week we only had 97....ouch. but we did have many more member present lessons this week so that was good. we didn't have a baptism, but we should have one next week. the same kid i talked about last week that the bishop would not talk to. he still hasn't talked with his family, but the kid is ready and prepared, and the bishop does not have the authority or keys to postpone one of our baptisms, so its going down on Saturday, finally! we have been teaching him for 6 weeks!

We also contacted a guy named Ivan. he is like....a contact that you read about in the ensign. we have only had 2 lessons with him, but he is adult "ya! Melchizedek priesthood!!" and is super smart, has sooo much animo and interest. during our contact he asked if he could have a book of Mormon. once he is baptized (he has a fecha for the 8th of enero) he will no doubt be a leader later on in life. he is incredible. so ill keep you updated on that

What else....oh, last night we watched a video about Christmas, joy to the world, with motab and stuff to an English!!! it was great. haha, they didn't have the remote for the DVD and so we could not put it in Spanish, so i tried, and failed, to translate it. but it was still good, motab and Christmas will bring the spirit anywhere!

Man, it is still hard to believe its December. even the members here have been talking about how hot it has been the last like 3 days. wowie, yesterday was super toasty! even at nights lately its been hotter! aye aye aye. but I'm doing a bit better at accepting that i have to be here for another transfer. and Spanish is till awful, but I'm doing a bit better. i still cant understand much, but its a bit better now. not good by any means, i still cant really have a conversation, I'm going to sent my memory card home with one of the missionaries here next transfer, with a video of some of the Spanish here. its insane. its way different than Mexico Spanish....

So ya, that's my week! And Raquel and Brigham, you and Callum are in my prayers!! i have been praying for all three of you more than anyone for the last month, and i will continue to keep you in my prayers. i know that everything will be ok, just trust in the Lord and have faith and everything will be ok, i promise! i know the Lord will bless all my family for being out here and that everything will be fine! i love you guys soooo much, and you guys officially have a good excuse for not writing me this week! LOVE YOU!
elder bubby

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