Monday, December 20, 2010

hi world!

never a shortage of food here in the DR!!

note the headlamp, its SO handy!! because finding a mouse is really hard to do in candle light....haha
 This week was super strange. first off, i will start with Tuesday. we had our district meeting, headed off to a pica pollo, ate some food, and as we were leaving, i thought, man, i really have to poop. we aren't allowed to use any bathroom except mission home bathrooms, so we headed to the zone leaders house which is super close. we were almost there, and i was about to soil my pants, when my companion thought that it would be a superb time to sent a fax. booooo. so there we are, waiting to the fax to go through, and well, lets just say i didn't make it. its super degrading to poop your pants, just so you know. didn't go out to work that day, i was super sick. but all is well and good! in this mission, you are a greenie until you have left your first area (still in my first), you mission dad has died (Jones has a transfer and a half left) and you have crapped you pants. (check! December 14th). so that's cool i got it outta the way!

this, is a tinaco. the water is stored here, so we always have it. city water is pumped into here and this goes to our house, most are black. this is clear, so all the things in the water get sunshine and can grow.

this is the water that i get the pleasure to shower in everyday.

we have 2 tinacos, the last 2 pics are looking inside the top of them

Haha. not much else to talk about, I'm putting a list together of things to talk about with you  guys, and you guys do the same thing. write some stuff down you wanna know and talk about! oh, and if mom ever finds some super cool fabric, i would love like 1 3/4 yards of it....people make pants here super cheap, so ya. just if you happen across some you could send it as a goodie package. also, one of our zone leaders, elder yeip, leaves this transfer, and lives in Ogden. I'm sending my memory cards with him to mail there, its much safer haha. so you should get those by February. just FYI. I'm sending a 4 gig and 1 gig home, packed to the brim of photos.  yay! anywho, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm soooooooooo stoked to talk to you guys on Saturday! i love you and have a good week! ill send you a few pics now
love you!
elder bubby MacArthur

our baptism on Saturday. the boy is our baptism, the girl the zone leaders. his name is mijaris. a bit of a hooligan, but a good kid!!

group pic with a bunch of people from the ward

dad asked how i did wash, so here is our washer, and our nice clean water!! no, it doesn't really clean clothes. just kinda gets em wet....

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