Monday, November 15, 2010

Kola Real

okey dokey. this week was just super. so Monday, a week ago, we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with some of our investigators. it was really awesome! was at the house of Marsili and her 3 girls, and her neighbor Yomadi also, we always teach them together. they are the ones that have been progressing really well and all, but don't really want to get married. so we showed them a video called "together forever" about marriage and the plan of salvation in general, gives a bunch of stories about all sorts of people in all walks of life. was really good. but alas, they still don't really want to get married (Yomadi because she doesn't want her husband to be an adulterer..... ya this country is awesome) but more on them later....

Tuesday was odd. a surprise intercambio at our district meeting, i went with one of the zls to his area, elder abreau, and we taught a few lessons, and contacted, but the best part was we had one of the coolest members with us. this bug guy named hank, super awesome. his passion is classic rock. he is absolutely in love with Kansas and guns and roses. its awesome. but he is an rm and is a great teacher and an awesome guy to talk with. at night he came to our house and i talked with him for like 2 hours about random stuff, like mission stories and all sorts of stuff, he served in the Santiago (north) mission.

Wednesday started out good! outside the zls house there is a truck that sells fresh fruit. so i had fresh pineapple cantaloupe watermelon lechosa (cant remember lechosa in English....) banana all smothered in honey for breakfast. twas awesome. nothing else really of note on Wednesday. 

Thursday was...long. really, REALLY long. i don't know why. but in my notes of things to tell you for the week, that's all i wrote for Thursday HHS. 

Friday we went to the zls area again for a baptismal interview, and while we waited we kinda explored that barrio, its really cool. i have some pics of it, but alas again I'm on the worlds crappiest computer and it wont talk with my camera, so i will have to send them next week. we then ate lunch with a member, and it was super good. chicken, rice and beans. ya! the rest of the day was standard, but it was hotter than usual, my oh my. so hot. then at night we went to canastica, the area of some of the sister missionaries for another baptismal interview and i talked with one of the sisters from up north for like an hour about this country and such, was awesome. and alas, after we were done the last buss had already passed for the night, and were a long way from home. so we got home really late after bumming our ride with all sorts of slightly sketchy transport....

Saturday, no baptisms sadly, but we ate dinner with a member. and it was one of the greatest meals ever. hahah, dumplings and Paco fish! man alive it is sooo good. and that's about it haha. 

Sunday, NONE of our investigators came to church except one. SO, not cool. we are going to have to drop some of them because they haven't come to church after like 4 weeks. booo. but that's about it for my week! hope yours were all good!
tell dad he is lame because he didn't write me and Danny sorry but i didn't have time to respond and i will next week!!
love you all!!

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