Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Hello There!

outside the chapel in azua, when i was special transferred. you becha that says jazz!!

So, this week. aye aye aye. crazy. so, nothing too crazy till Thursday, it started to become pretty wet and rainy, but alas we went and worked in the rain and had some good lessons. we taught a bazillion lessons this week but none of them were with a member, because the members weren't fans of going out in the rain and mud. man, moscu is like one big muddy river and lake in the rain! aye. so, right now, we are teaching 3 different families, and of course, not a single one of them is married. only one of them wants to be, her name is Yomadis. ok, none of them want to get married but Yomadis is kinda ok with the idea, and her husband has no problem with it. the other 2 don't want to be married and neither do their husbands. aye. the other 2 are Marsili and her 3 kids, and Juana and her 2 kids. but, juana we probably will drop soon. she is not so much interested in the restored gospel as she is letting anyone come into her house and talk about god and all the revelations she we will see how that goes. she is just happy to talk about religion,  what ever religion it is.

outside our house! that's field of sorts. loooots o´agua!
elder, what a good lookin kid! haha

Marsili and Yomadis are both progressing really well and fast, except the marriage thing. we have a noche de hogar tonight with them, and are going to show the movie "together forever" and see if they lighten up to the idea. and make some good food (best part of this country. man, food. its SOOO simple, but man I'm loving it. even if i only eat one time a day, at least I'm nice and skinny now!). they have warmed a little to the idea of marriage, but who knows. if nothing else, one of the daughters of Marsili is really interested, so we will probably put a fecha with her real soon!


dragonfly in moscu

Yesterday, man. i was not a happy camper! after church, at noon, we had a meeting with the bishop and other leaders in our ward. so, some background. we don't take an hour for dinner in this mish. we take 2 for lunch, and we are working the rest of the day. we do that because at lunch time everything shuts down, called "siesta" or something, meaning everyone sleeps and does nothing, so its super hard to work then. so that's from 12-2. our time. and also, Sunday we have to get our numbers together, get all the numbers from our district because my comp is district leader, call the zone leaders and give them the numbers, and it takes forever. so anywho, this meeting with the bishop started at 12 and was over at 1. meaning, we got home at 130 since its a 30 min walk to our house from the ward. we have to leave at 2. haven't eaten (why yes, it WAS a fast Sunday....happy happy Brady), haven't gotten the numbers, or anything. and to make it better, the meeting was worthless for us. it was all about keys to the church (we don't HAVE keys to the church!), and cleaning the building. and the bishop said "ok, and one tiny more thing" 12 times in the last 30 min of it. man. i was mad. and the zone leaders (they are in our ward too) were really mad, they kept getting calls for the numbers and the bishop wouldn't let us leave. which was lame because the meeting had absolutely nothing to do with us! man.

on the drive to azua
So Spanish still is awful. I'm getting waaay more confident in talking, but worse at conjugating verbs correctly, and using the correct demonstratives and all sorts of stuff. still cant understand squat. but, poco a poco it will come! 
again on the drive to azua
As i told mom, the hurricane here was super disappointing. for 10 min lots of rain and wind and noooo sunshine. then blue skies. then darkness. one day we couldn't leave the house on orders of the pres, but no big deal. we left anyway hahah because my comp is district leader over all the hermanas and we had to do a baptismal interview for the next day. it was super. 
in moscu again
Everything i have is wet. my shoulder bag i inherited from elder carter is MOLDING. ya. some of my ties are molding. with the hurricane its been sooooo miserably humid. my sheets are so wet i stick to them at night. i cant get anything to dry!! lame. 
ok, well that's all for now! bye!
Elder MacArthur

My mr potato head, lit up by the eerie candle light since we NEVER have light anymore...

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