Monday, November 22, 2010

I want snow!

so this is the email i sent to dad, and i don't have much time so I'm just sending it to everyone as my weekly email haha

ye aye aye, you write me a legit letter, and it happens to be the week where i basically have NO time. boooo. so, we had interviews today. we have them every other transfer. so, i didn't get a p day really. i guess it was, since pretty much all day i just sat around with our zone playing dominoes and talking! but we had to be at the mission home at 8 am and we left there at about 5, and i got to the Internet center at about 540 ish. boo. pday ends at 6, but pres said it ends at 7 today, but we still have to go back to our area, so i only have like 30 min left here, and of course i don't have my camera cable with me so once again i cant send pictures. i feel really bad but hey, its life. haha. so, ill attempt to kinda respond to this haha. sounds like you week was just super!!!

I'm SO jealous of the snow, man. its hot. i love snow. the pictures with the house covered in snow with Christmas lights, Christmas is going to be really hard. and thanksgiving. will be really hard. but for interviews today we had our thanksgiving-Christmas dinner-lunch. it was awesome. but not a real Thanksgiving. no, they have no idea what thanksgiving is, its 100% America haha.

The average for one area is about 3 transfers, 18 weeks. so, i should be leaving. i have taught the area to elder natera, so i should leave and he will get a new comp. i have NO idea when i will be calling. but, i think the best thing is i will just call your cell phone, and you call me back on whatever phone your at. calling cards are super pricey here and when times up, they just end. so that way you can pay for the call !! hahah your welcome.  but ill let you know.

Bummer about the utes!!! aye aye aye.
So ya. my week was nothing special. we had a baptism fall because of some weird things. basically he was visiting his real mom and she said stuff about his dad (who is an AWESOME guy) and no he doesn't want to come home, and its just not good. so we will see what happiness with that. then on Saturday, i had "I'm a little teapot" stuck in my head. allllll day. i was going crazy. i would sing everything i could think of to make it leave, and 2 min later i would be singing the teapot song again. it was terrible. man.oh, and Sunday, a member girl named daƱa gave my companion a boche (a....lecture? i dunno) about his unibrow hahahahahahahahahahal. it was the funniest conversation i have ever listened to haha. but ya, ill try and send a better email next week when i have time!! love you guys!!

oh, and, people pray in REALLY weird ways here. in one lesson, a guy started a prayer with "jeovah dios, padre celestial del espiritu santo" which means basically "Jehovah god, heavenly father of the holy ghost". ya. it was strange. I've had some other really awesome ones but i don't remember them now....

Elder MacArthur

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