Monday, September 6, 2010

Goliath in my appartment

all three are pictures of one of my areas, moscu.

OK, so first off, no, we got pretty much NOTHING from the hurricane. lame. just a tiny bit of rain one day. but, i did get some really sweet sunset pictures! haha ill send some off. so, sorry for no pictures last week! i hooked up my camera, got all ready to send some, and guess what? i realized i hadn't taken a single photo all week! which is pretty impressive, because i LOVE taking pictures as you well know!! haha. its just hard, i cant just whip out my camera, i have to make sure people aren't around so we don't get robbed later on that day....anywho, i have a few sweet ones for you this week!! ok, so, this week has gone by super fast!  nothing super exciting though, sorry to say....just lots of random crazy things!

also in moscu, last monday. so, right when that hurricane was my neighbor! awesome sunset!

oh, so i went to my first marcado, market place. it was madness. found the pile of ties and dug in!! but the lady totally ripped us off and charged us 30 pesos each! they are usually only 20! lame. we had to pay almost a whole doller for each tie! dad will be jeaouls. i bought 2 wembly ties. for 30 pesos. hahah. awesome. anywho, the only real story i can think of right now is i had my first monster of a spider (ok, it wasnt really a spider. it was more like a small dog with 8 legs....) really guys, it was huge. we killed it with fire!! oh man. it freaked me out SO bad when i saw it!! luckily it was one of the few nights we had light when we got home, or else we wouldent have seen it. ill try and send you the video, but i dunno if i can. its kinda long and in high def so dunno if i can but ill try! if not you will have to wait until i send you my memory card. but man, i cant tell you how big it was. i was freakin out.
wait....what that on the wall?

waaaayyy after its dead and shriveled. i promise it was WAY bigger than this with all its legs and alive...

man just look at that furry beast....

for p day today we just kinda went and had a barbaque, its elder carter and valdez last pday today!! aye. im going to miss carter, such a cool guy!! but he is going to get some of his attractive lady friends to write me hahaha. oh, and all this week and part of next week we have to go to a class with the zone for 2 hours. they are completely overhauling the way we teach...not just our mission, the church is changing again how we teach. still preach my gospel based, but changing a few things. i dont know much about it yet, but like one thing, we have to pray on our knees in every lesson. yippie. thats all good and fine in normal places, but when we are teaching in dark damp alleyways with rocks dirt glass barbed wire, etc, not so much a fan of that....we teach inside a house probably barely over 50% of the time. so that will be just super! anywho, im just sending pictues now. so, unil next week!! sorry this was kinda a lame email, but im sending alot pf photos to make up for it hahaha.

1st 2, walkin in moscu
a lake outside a members house in moscu...its usually there, but its HUGE like this after the rain....
creepy doll head floting in the lake as previously mentioned....
frog jerky!! we picked it up off the road and are going to send it to elder horrocks and elder bagley hahahahaha
baptizm! the taller one is jose, and is a member. hes 17, the small one is Manuel, baptized him! he is 14. jose did the baptizm, it was aweome. i love these kids!
me manuel jose and elder jones
just chillin in a rusty armored truck....
again, rusty armored truck
i know im cool...

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