Monday, August 30, 2010


hi hi! so this week has for sure been and adventure! aye aye aye! ok. so. it was basically a normal week! nothing so special. I'm starting to understand the people, but not like what you think. i can now understand they are saying words, and not just mumbling for long periods of time. i just don't know what those words mean yet....and i still cant reply haha. but anyway, i have been much happier this week. lots of working! man, we walk SO much its unreal man. un. real. enough, that one of my pairs of shoes is kinda toast. my nice ones. aye. they are still perfect like rubber and such, but the insides are all torn apart. so I'm on one pair of shoes now. ill go into that later.

so, on Tuesday, we had a huge conference with President ViƱes, who is the president of the Caribbean area! so that was cool, no idea what was happening, but cool! and then we had a real and true Dominican rain, which was super super gnarly! then, president alemonte, my mission pres, came up to me and shook my had, told me i look like the missionary who baptized me, and then went and sat back down. so, that was crazy. aye. i heard that he really likes me hahaha. he told my comp awhile back that i would learn fast and be a big leader...not stoked to be a big leader hahahaha. anywho, nothing too exciting after that until Friday. Friday night we went to visit margarita and teadora, who i just baptized, and they fed us! and as we were eating, we get a call from the ap´s, saying we have to come to the office immediately, and to bring some clothes because we might be there a few days. aye. and this was at like 9 pm. so, we go to the office. i was sent downstairs, and i just sit and wait, while my comp is upstairs. basically, 3 missionaries got sent home and ex communicated and it was bad, my comp just knew about a tiny tiny part of it, that why we got called in. madness!anywho, so that's my story for the night. just know, it was BAD. not good at all. but all is well now.

today was nice and chill man. love it. its windy! apparently there is some hurricane chillin not too far from us. ill let you know how that goes! so this is a short email.....aye. OH! I've lost around 15-20 lbs! awesome. love it. ALSO, i finally saw my first pair of stuck together dogs! so, dogs here are super scary, and breed like rabbits. occasionally, when they are finished, they...ahem...cant get apart, and get stuck...hahaha. oh man its funny.

- Elder MacArthur 

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