Monday, August 16, 2010

Its HOT!

The majority of my zone at pizza today! some are missing though. they didn't wanna make the 45 min drive from yuguate

HI!! aye aye aye wont lie. this has been a SUPER long week! man alive. its been hard! its been even hotter which i did not think was possible, and a lot of our investigators didn't come to church. we should of had like 6 of them, but only 2 came. both are young, one, margarita, is being baptized on the 21st and I'm doing it!! and then the next Saturday the younger brother of one of the members is being baptized, his name is Manuel. so that's good at least. but from no on we should have about one baptism a week from now on. so that's good at least! but man, i dunno. its just been hard.

FIND THE GRINGO! this was a noche de rancho on Wednesday with a bunch of members!
A LOT of walking, on area we work in is a barrio called moscu, and its like a 30 min walk on a super scary road! aye. so crazy. but my feet are healing up a bit so that's good! they still hurt but are getting used to it! the problem was only walking like a total of 5 miles for 2 months and then all the sudden walking 3546 miles a day, that's hard on feet! haha. but i think the biggest problem im having right now is not really being able to help the people much, since i don't know how to communicate what i want to say and i cant understand them! so that is hard. and realizing how much we take for granted in the states! everything, from water, electricity, cleanliness, and just really really basic things. i cant even explain it. the people here are incredible tough. they have almost nothing, but are willing to share it with people they don't even know, and they are happier then most with how life is. they don't have to have every thing to be happy. they are just happy as they are. its awesome. i really love the people even though i don't understand them haha.

Our room!

So last week on....Thursday i think, we had interviews! it was awesome. our mission pres is amazing. super super super smart, but runs the mission like a business. check him out. name is Juan Almonte i think. he is one of the more loaded people in the DR. never been to the states and owns business´there! but he is awesome. he said something that scared me first when i said the prayer he said i have good Spanish, really good pronunciation and such, but i needed to get better at hearing it and responding. so when my comp went in he told him that he needs to talk to me more in Spanish because i was going to learn really fast, and be a big leader. .... ahhhh. i don't want to be a big leader hahaha. not at all!!! dad, your story about training after 3 months scared the crap out of me. you don't understand how fast these people talk. some of the Latinos from Mexico cant understand the Dominicans. so so fast and they straight up don't say their ´s´. ever. ¿como tu estas? is ¿como tu ta? and such. they just drop half the word.... not cool. oh, and yes, the milk sure does come in little boxes! i sure wont miss this milk when i get home! that's for sure! aye aye aye. nor will i miss studying by candlelight every single night without a fan or cold water in the fridge because the power has been gone for 6 hours. luckily we have water always. granted its not potable, but at least i don't have to take bucket showers this transfer haha. but the ZLs have power always, since they live right next to the hospital, except Saturday morning it goes out. but they loose water alot. so its super hit and miss on what resources you are gonna get here haha.

cock fighting is HUGE here! here is a fighter. you can tell because it has no feathers on its legs because feathers restrict movement, and because the little schpiel on the top of his heat was cut of and cauterized shut at a young age, cuz if those are cut in battle they can bleed to death!

So a few random things. if you ever want another ¨roach¨, come here. i saw like 3 of those in the states, but man those little civics are everywhere here! just like the roach! its super crazy. man alive i miss that car!
I will for sure miss every single person here adoring me. they loooove Americans. honestly, i could date any girl i wanted here hahahahahaha. not like i would for the next two years though haha. but they love white boys! during a cita, a little girl started to pet my hair haha. not many of the Americans here have blonde hair! so im even more of a rarity! awesome. hahaha. oh, and crazy. so the girl I'm baptizing, margarita, her aunt, Theadora, was taught by sister missionaries, one of them, Hermana evens, lives on 1539 e 2100 south in salt lake! just down the street! so that was super cool to find out!

Top of my roof again!

Breaking into the gate my first day since we were given the wrong keys!

Until next week!
Elder MacArthur

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