Monday, August 23, 2010


Puppy! a member, Jose, has baby animals all over his house...
Ok. this week has been just a bit psycho! for reals. so. ill try and describe it! ok. well, in truth, it was just another week with me not understanding anything and just trying to figure things out. but Saturday Sunday and today have been unreal. so, Saturday, i wake up and its a great day! pretty easy going, cant work too late because we have to go to the ward for the baptism at around 4:30. leave the house, and lock the keys inside, but don't worry too much about it because we can just call the landlord dude and get a key. get there and then start getting everything set up. it was supposed to start at around 5 o'clock, but hey. were in the dr. who is on time?so, we started at about 615. there were 2 baptisms, Margarita Emeterio Peguero, and Manaury Ogando Tejeda, and the 2nd guy was on of the zone leaders investigators. so, they didn't have some one to baptize him i guess, so i did that one too! it was crazy. the hardest part is trying to remember and correctly pronounce their names...aye. so, i get it and Margaritas goes perfect. then, Manaury gets in and....well, i had to do it 4 times hahaha. the first time, i just messed up the words. and the 2nd time. third time did his name wrong. 4th time was good. haha it was super embarrassing.

Me, margarita, her aunt Teodora, and my comp
Elder carter, manaury, elder valdez, the ZLs. elder carter and valdez go home in less than 3 weeks!!

Anyway, it was all good and i was feeling good! go back to our house (FYI, the zone leaders house and the church are next to each other, about a 20 min walk away from us. ) and call the landlord. but no good. the lines don't connect. come to find out where he lives he does not get cell phone service so we cant get a hold of him. and his office is closed. boooooooo. so, we walk back to the ZLs house and have a sleep over of sorts. but, more like a lay on the mattress for 8 hours wishing morning would come. the most miserable night of my life! aye. i was on the crack of 2 mattresses (we laid 3 on the floor with 5 guys on them (the ZLs are in a trio)) and one mattress was about 2 inches lower than the other. so i just laid there for 8 hours. lame. then go to church in the same gross sweaty clothes, come home, still cant get in or get a hold of the guy. then go to work, teach a few lessons, and then find out that we will not be able to get into our house until Monday in the afternoon. well, that wasn't happening. so, i hop the fence, basically rip open another gate, and try and get the window open. our neighbors said they could be opened really easily. so, get it open, grab the keys, and we are good! but, turns out i broke the little latch that keeps the window locked haha. didn't think i put that much force into it! granted, i was pretty darn furious and exhausted and such....haha. anyway, so that was just super super fun. then we went to part of our area, moscu (its a 30 min walk) to the stake pres house to meet with him, and then they fed us spaghetti! and not like normal spaghetti. this was Dominican spaghetti. it was phenomenal. you have no idea. it was probably the greatest meal i have ever had. not alot, so i wasn't super full, but man. i never wanted that stuff to end. its 10% different then spaghetti at home. its almost white, and it wasn't really garlicky, but tasted like it had garlic bread in it. oh man it was amazing!!!!

these are both of the barrio Moscu, in my area.

Then today, we get up, go to the store, come back and then go to the ZLs house again, to meet up and go to our little pday activity. just playing dodge-ball in the chapel of one of the wards :) haha and then making some smoothies and then practicing a song we are singing this week for a conference. but man. its a 5 min long song. we sang it 3 times to practice. it took us an hour and 25 min to do that. it was ridiculous. i was NOT a happy camper. it took 20 min to argue in Spanish how we were going to stand. then just people arguing about things that were not at all important, and it just took soooooo much time. this pday has been more rushed and exhausting and frustrating then any other in my mish. mostly because it was about 3:15 by the time we left. its a 40 min walk to our house. and we hadn't eaten since that spaghetti for dinner on Sunday. AHHHH. i was crabbbbby! and then people started interrogating me in Spanish. and ohhh how i love being asked questions, especially when i don't understand them, so they just say them louder. it was suuuper. so i was furious by the time we leave. finally get home at like 4, and go to a pica pollo to eat ( like my fave place in the world, fried chicken and fries! ya! ) and then go to internet. but its down. go to another internet center, its down. because, tada! no light! no power! so, we had no place to go to internet. so we make the treck BACK up to the pueblo by the ZLs, and now i am here! aye aye aye its been a long day! so ya. that's my story for the day.

On top of  Jos├ęs house!

Wait, one more. so. one appointment that we had a few days ago was mad. the area pres is big on 5 min lessons. just because everyone here will let you come in and share a message, if we did long lessons it would freak people out ( ALOT of people think we are FBI hahaha) and we would talk to waaay less people. so we get to this guys house, and he starts ranting. for an hour and 20 min. it was madness. i understood the first like 2 min kinda, then was lost. i asked my comp about it after, and said the dude was taking about his entire life. like....crazy stuff. like about old girlfriends and wives and such, and then a story about how he went to go and see a Haitian witch doctor who gave him a creepy satanic red book and was crazy. it was such a strange lesson.

Elder MacArthur

I look weird, in the back of a truck on the freeway!

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