Monday, September 20, 2010


barrio moscu welcome sign!

so, this week has been super long for me. aye aye aye. i dunno why, but I've just had i bit of a hard time this week. just been super exhausted and such. i dunno. but, its now a new week! we had a baptism on Saturday, her name is Esmeralda and is 23, and madly in love with my companion haha. gave him a love letter. it was super poetic hahahahaha. oh man. so that was pretty funny! um, then we did a lesson with a little kid named fouster, and i almost started to cry....i was teaching the whole thing. they were all yelling at me earlier in the week because i didn't talk much, so we told him if he read id do the whole lesson. it was awful. i got one sentence in and one of the girls there (she is a member) just BURSTS into hysterical laughter. no good. so the entire time i was just pretty much in tears, it was so so so not fun. so I've been just a  bit bummed all week. so ya, that's kinda what I've been up to this last week! nothing much more that that! haha. i just REALLY with i would start to understand what in the heck people are saying to me! man, my emails are getting more and more lame hahaha. i need to write down for you guys what i do everyday, but days just blurr together...its hard to try and explain what i really do...anywho, i promise to send a better email next week, and make sure i have some things to say haha. now for pictures!!

spidy sandwich

elder carter and me, and his beautiful angry grandma face!  
after one transfer these are my new compo ties!

Awesome shirt :)

biiig spider web....

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