Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Penguins!

i kinda look good....
Tuesday, i was super sick. i had the flow downs like never before!! aye. so we just sat in the house all day, which was good and bad. good day for it to happen since it rained all day, but bad because we had like 18 lessons planned. ( not like we would actually teach 18, people are never home) but Wednesday we went to all those ppl and asked if we could pass by on Thursday when we had a member that could leave with us. but its been raining again alot of the week so we could not get members! i dunno if i told you, but in this mission we don't even tally non-member present lessons, we only count them if a member is present. SO, that sucked. we taught alot of lessons, but only 15 with a member. lame.
CODE RED MTN DEW and a Red Bull for my 4 month mark! mix those two together and its like heaven!!

We got mail on Thursday! which was lame, it was supposed to come the Thurs before, but the kept calling saying that "something happened" and that they would come tomorrow. they said that for a week. it was super frustrating!! so ya. that was cool. other than that nothing really exciting this week, besides conference!! so the stake center is like a 40ish min walk from us. i was hoping to watch it in English. no such luck. the thing is that we can only go Saturday if we have an investigator come, the president and area president want us to work if no investigator can come, and they had problems with all the Americans going and watching it in English and leaving investigators alone, it just didn't look good. so last conference the pres said NO English room. there was one set up, but Saturday we didn't want any problems so watched it in Spanish and i got nothing from it....we only went to the morning session. we had to work during the afternoon to try and get our numbers up.
elder  bagley is really stoked that we have to watch conference in spanish...

me and elder bagley having a good time on pday today...
We are not allowed to go to priesthood session because it is on from 8-10 here, and we have to be in the house no later than 930. so that doesn't work. Sunday, was psycho. Jones sat with the other missionaries and investigators and me, elder bagley, and elder Jacobs (in my group) went to the English room so we could understand for the first session. kinda. the tv was in English, but the speaker in the ceiling was on and in Spanish, so we could barely understand it even in English.  but, no more seats in the actual chapel so people started to come in our room. so they were struggling to hear the Spanish and we were struggling to hear the English. i would have changed it to Spanish, its better for the people here to understand then us, but i had no idea how. then between sessions we ate with a member who brought food ( everyone just waits there since its super far for some people). by then the other room was also in Spanish, so we had to tough out the last session in Spanish. no good. we also had little crazy Dominican kids attacking us the whole time, so not so easy to pay attention! so ya, that was super.
today, just had a chill day at the church with our zone, had a little bbq! good times.

-Elder MacArthur

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