Monday, October 18, 2010

It's not Christmas yet!

Not much new again this week! i had my first intercambio with a Dominican! with one of our zone leaders, in my area. it was crazy! super hard. trying to communicate with him and explain what we have taught to the people that we had lessons with. and talking in 100% Spanish the entire day made my head hurt....luckily elder suero is one of the Dominicans that i can understand the best. it was a long day though! i felt super inadequate. aye. but, it was good! really good experience and helped me gauge where my Spanish was. not good, not good at all. he had to teach most all the lessons. but, thats about all i have to say....haha.

dariel, a member. suuper funny kid
We have a marriage this week! on Friday, Layi and her espouse get married, and then she gets baptized on sat! her esposo is already a member. then in 2 weeks we have the baptism of a kid named foster, his sister is a member and has 2 bros on the mish. we have not gotten any more real investigators for awhile. its lame, but, were working on it! oh, and this is the last week of transfers! so next Monday will probably be my last week with my dear old dad!! crazy man. crazy. any who, i sent a few pics, i didn't realize how few i took....ill make sure to load up this week! love you all!!
'Elder Bubbby
 PS, EVERYONE is putting up Christmas decorations. everyone. an investigator has a singing Christmas tree outside his house. NOT COOL

oscar, nephew of dariel...cutest little kid in the world!
oscar again, looking guilty!

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