Monday, October 11, 2010


OK, so this week we had a couple unusual things. first, we went to the temple on Tuesday!! it was awesome, but, it was all in Spanish. lets just say it was SUPER hard to do all in Spanish....aye. but, cool none the less. then, on Thursday we had a random meeting in la paz in the capital. all the trainers and kids. so, that was weird. it was pretty much the president talking about how alot of kids are trained bad and they don't know it, and about all sorts of things that we cant do and such. it was good, but it was pretty much a 2 hour long lecture to all the trainers and kids. so that was a little strange. other than that nothing special. we have been having a hard time the last 2 weeks to get alot of member present lessons, because all of the kids that usually come with us are all in school when we teach. so, its super hard to get people to leave with us.

we have 3 baptisms coming up, 2 of them need to get married. layi, she has all her papers ready (her ¨husband¨is already a member, so we are re activating him!) and should be baptized and married on the 23rd. victor, he is probably about 50, is working on getting all his papers, but he has been super sick, completely bed ridden for the last week. so we gave him a blessing and he is doing a little better. speaking of which, we have given a record of 5 blessings so far in these 2 transfers. most missionaries don't do that many in their entire missions. but the members here are kinda weird, they wont ask men in the ward to give them, only the missionaries. they thing we have more ¨power¨and such. i dunno. people depend on the missionaries WAY too much here. but, i guess that's why they are sending a bunch here!! haha.

This week has been pretty good other than that. its been really hot. aye. raining at night, getting hot in the day so its just SUPER humid, aye aye aye. i wish i could have fall time here, its my favorite time of year!! also, randomly a BUNCH of people have started to put up Christmas decorations! lame. its making me crabby, wont like. its the beginning of October! why Christmas!! lame. any who, that's all i have to say this week! and no pictures, this computer is WAY too lame to send pics...sorry! ill send a bunch next week!

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