Friday, June 18, 2010

Last week in Provo MTC

I cant believe that i leave Thursday! i am not ready! i don't know any Spanish really! i can kinda introduce myself and ask a few questions, but that's about it. I'm not ready to be surrounded! we talked to a teacher yesterday that was from the DR, and it was scary!! she said that they drop off the endings of most words and don't say their "s" or "r"'s so that's super crazy. she then recited the first vision in Spanish and it was so fast! a lot of the Spanish teachers could barely understand. I'm freakin out! there is soooo much more i need to know.. oh well, it will come eventually! so i don't really know what else to say...i am the reining champion of the push game which is good haha. life is all just the same! work class study study eat sleep! Also, i don't know if heather asked you, but i have a very important question for EVERYONE who may read this. Is Cain Bigfoot?! our branch president wont answer it. so I'm asking you. i think he is, but am unsure.

so I'm pretty sure i get the least mail outta my zone. lets change that eh? good plan.

also, since i leave so early thurs, dont sent me any letters (in snail mail) unless you send them today or tommorow or else i probably wont get them. also, dear elders are prited at night, so dont send me dear elders the the provo mtc after wendsday afternoon. starting thurs send them to the DR mtc. there is an option to send them there when you write me on dear elder. gracias.

oh! everyone, send me pictures! i forgot all mine! any pictues! email them or snail mail them please! oh, and read the last 10 or so sentances of my last email, i think you forgot about those :) hahahahahaha love you guys!!

-Elder Brady MacArthur

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