Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 1 Dominican Republic MTC

HI! ok, so, crazy! i know that i sent you a quick email when i got here, but ill kinda start over. So, we got here and it was raining crazy hard! took like 45 min bus ride to the CCM, and oh man. it was so hot and so humid! the temple is BEAUTIFUL! its not as big as i thought it was at first impression but it is still bigger than i thought it was going to be! so, my new companion is names Elder Logan, and he is pretty cool! WAY better than my old companion hahaha. we get along really well. we aren't super close yet, but after 6 weeks we will be hahaha.

classes here are super hard! it is about 99% in Spanish! they only time that they will speak in English is if none of us had any idea what was going on. but they will have to repeat things so many times! crazy. but i am learning SO much faster! i can still say almost nothing, but its more that i thought! so on Monday, we went to the University, which was like a 10 min walk away. I learned just how hot it really is here! i was SO wet because it is so hot and humid! aye! but we went there for like an hour and a half and talked to people on the campus. we all just split up, and went and talked. it was insane! we went up to one girl and starting talking, and she would respond and kinda laugh at us! not like making fun of us laughing, but like...kindly laughing haha. because we had NO idea what she was saying to us, and we spoke really slow and crappy Spanish! haha. but think of a Latino person you know, and how quickly they speak. now multiply it by 4 and then you have a Dominican speaker. it is SO fast! aye aye aye! so ya. that was so insane. i couldn't even understand their names when we asked! i don't understand how anyone can move their mouths that fast!! oh my. so that was a pretty awesome day.

The people here are SO nice! no matter what they are doing or how mean they look. they all are totally willing to just stop and listen to you and talk to you! so that is super amazing! i could speak alot more than i thought i could which was awesome. i am loving it here! this CCM is SO much better! there are like 30 or so people here and so we all are getting to know everyone, the food is so good. i don't even have words for how good it is! and the freakin good. and pineapple. yet to have a mango here, but im stoked to try one!! the only weird thing is they switch lunch and dinner, so lunch is like the big amazing meal of the day, and dinner is things that we would eat for lunch.

i do feel like i will never be cold again though! its SO hot! we have gym outside and...words cant describe how hot and humid it is. its just not possible.

ok so i have no idea about dear elders. we dont have a box number, so just send them to the Dominican Republic mtc and it should get to me. we only get them once a week thought so you can also just email me and ill be just fine. so for now, just tell everyone to email me. then i can just print them off and read them and not use my computer time. that would be wonderful.

heather, you know how you got chads address for me? do the same thing for Selja Felin. and any other people you think i may need to write. and tell jocelyn just to email me and everyone else to email me. its will be way easier while i am in the MTC

anywho, went to the temple this morning and it is SO beautiful! aye it was amazing. loved it so much. i wish you guys could see how beautiful everything is here! from one end of the CCM (where we are no longer allowed to go because the hermanas rooms are on that side) there is a window that looks out over the temple (its like 20 feet away) and then the ocean! look at the temple on Google maps and you will see how close we are the the sea! i love it so much! out in "babaylon" though, so outside the temple grounds....aye! its so crazy! cars do what ever they want! and they blare their horns all the time for apparently no reason! there is trash all over the streets and side walks, everything is run down, little street vendors everywhere, and its just so different. man alive. i feel like im leaving alot of things out....i really need to make a list of things to say before i write you all....but jeez, you all need to write me more! haha.

so i think i have lost like 2 pounds here. not alot, but when we get out in the field i KNOW that i will loose alot of weight! and no, not water weight. i drink like 456 gallons of water a day and have to pee like every 30 min. so thats good news!

ok, so one quick story. yesterday was easily the most frustrating day of my entire life. every block of classes we had, they gave us like 5 min to prepare a lesson dependent on an investigators needs and then we had to teach it. en espanol. it was horrible. i really almost just broke into tears i was so frustrated. we do NOT know enough to do that. and we taught for like an hour each time. we had to start over 3 times because we weren't going over certain points effectively enough but it was pretty much impossible for me! i just straight up don't know enough vocab! i could kinda get the gist across, but could do no details at all. i pretty much could say like super basic primary things. aye aye aye. it was the longest day ever! ok well i am pretty much out of time! sorry guys that this was so short. ill do better next week and have stuff outlined out that i need to say! haha. because i know that i am missing stuff!

oh! my new district is way awesome. there are 6 people per district. we all get along way well.

Spanish is super hard. i feel really behind from the rest of the class again.but i know it will come! its coming alot faster since we have been here! and personally i feel ok, im just not as skilled as others at learning a language!

a few assignments. send me the package, read D&C 18, verse 10 and...18? i think.

also, Mosiah 12:5 :) haha. do it.

love you all! write me more!

-Elder MacArthur

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