Thursday, July 29, 2010


i have been having an extremely hard week. my Spanish has kinda plateaued over the last week or 2 and i feel like i cant learn more, its just not going anywhere, plus the fact that me and my comp are clashing more and more, and that we leave the CCM for the field THIS Tuesday at the crack of just freaking out. its been a really hard week. and to top it off, im getting a cold. ya. a freaking COLD in the tropics. i cant breath my throat hurts like mad and my asthma is wiggin out on me. not good. also the fact that if i wasn't able to write now, my next p day is a week from this Monday. so....that's a long time. so sorry about that.

so first things first, with physical mail if you so desire to send some, if you want to, send mail to

Elder Brady Richard MacArthur
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission
POB 30150
SLC, UT, 84130

and packages to

Elder Brady Richard MacArthur
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission
C/ Hatuey #73
Urb. Los Cacicazgos
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
Phone 1-809-482-7545

in my call packet it said that if you send a package to the mission home with a private courier then you will need the phone number for some reason. so there it is!

ok, now an assignment. read in preach my gospel, page 214, the bottom letter. it really shows that the members are honestly more important than the missionaries! so talk to Rob Koliker and get involved with the ward missionaries and the real missionaries!! read it!!!

so be excited for when i get home and we go to bear lake!! on of my best friends EVER is now here in the mtc with me, his name is Elder Cromwell. his cabin is like....a mile away from us. its just north or just south of the KOA in garden city. his cabin is right on the beach, and they have CRAZY (master cratft boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc :) ) toys. so. we are going to play with them alot! hahah both of us are super stoked to go up together!!! its crazy how much we are alike and how well we get along. sadly, he lives in Idaho falls, but we will see see each other once a month or so. we have made a plan :) haha

but like i said, this has been a hard week. they teachers have been on our case like crazy about Spanish and its making me crazy. we have learned all but one of the grammar principals, but actually using them at the right time correctly (that is, if you even remember to use it and not try and directly translate) is nigh impossible right now....and the fact i know pretty much no vocab and cannot understand any natives at all. sigh. that but not feeling super good and a bunch of other little things have just pushed me over the edge this week. i cant WAIT to get out into the field. because right now i don't feel like im a missionary. i feel like im just in school where i have to be glued to another kid and wear a i cant wait. then, even if i get over the edge, ill still feel like its for a good reason. its not about me. at all. but here in the MTC when you are not in the field around the people, its alot harder to forget yourself and gain a pure charity of the people all around you that you are here to serve. im STOKED but so so so SO utterly terrified. this time next week i will have been in the field for a few days! crazy!

its beeeen crrrazy stormy lookin today! i wish i could show you how crazy the storms are! well, im outta time! but i love you and write a few times this week because i honestly have no idea when the next time i can write will be!! love you!

-Elder MacArthur

PS....want your mind blown?! look into Facsimile #2 in Abraham, the circle one. that little picture contains EVERY SINGLE THING about the church. mind blowing. things we don't even know yet. ahhhhhhh!!!

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