Thursday, July 15, 2010

still in the MTC!

Man, its UNREAL how fast time is moving here. it seems like i wrote you all just like a day or 2 ago. aye aye aye time is moving way to fast yet my spanish isnt much farther than it was last week! o_O. Its still hot, dont even worry about that. that definitely has not changed!

So my week was nothing really special. just ALOT of class and study and Spanish! but when we went to the university on Monday, wow! we only talked to 2 people in and hour and a half! we were walked and saw a guy sitting alone and we went and talked to him. he was interested,but not really all that stoked about it. gave him a folleto and he said he would read it. the entire time though there was another guy listening behind, and once we left he came and talked to us. he has lived here for 8 months and is studying at the university, is originally from Spain! so he definitely talked with a lisp haha but i could kinda understand him. his name was David, was 17, fluent in Spanish, french, and nearly English. but we talked to him about the restoration and Joseph Smith for the rest of the time! he had already been reading the book of Mormon but he had alot of questions that we tried to answer. it was awesome! he is SUPER golden, but he could not understand alot of what we said, and we had no idea how to say in Spanish, so we told him to call the missionaries and they knew good Spanish and could answer all his questions in his native Spanish. we also gave him directions to the institute on campus. he really REALLY wants to learn more and to go to church! it was an awesome experience!

today and last night we had the Latins arrive! so they all speak Spanish and are all intermixed with all of us so we will have to speak ALOT more Spanish, and will make it harder to go back to English when we are all together since the Latins wont understand! its going to be so hard but will help alot!

OH! on tuesday we all got to get on a bus and head to the store! it was by far the most exciting thing we have done here! haha its kinda like a super walmart, but crazy and kinda organized weird. but i got some crazy good soda and oreos! mmm! and apparently there is pretty much only one store in all of the DR that has MTN DEW, dr pepper, or root beer! PANDA TRISTE!! not good.

other than time passing by super fast, nothing really is new! it rains alot (which just makes it MORE miserable hot haha, but the storms are awesome!) and thats about it! If i think of anything else new and exciting ill write you tonight, if not, bye bye for now!
-Elder MacArthur

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