Thursday, July 22, 2010


how are you all? aye aye aye i feel like i wrote you guys yesterday. once again, its blowing my mind how fast time is moving here! AH! man alive. i cant believe it. i think we leave here on August 3rd and it is crazy! we have time left here in the CCM! ah!
ok, so once again nothing too exciting this week! all the natives from the DR and Latin America came last Thursday, and wow. i really cant understand any of them! aye aye aye. but wanna hear something hilarious!? we have a ginger Latin! that's right. a Latin, who is white and red hair, speaks pretty much zero English. suuuper trippy! but i try and talk to them but man alive its so hard!
it has been raining like MAD the last few days here! a few times it really baffled me that it was possible for it to rain that hard! it was crazy! and while its raining super hard, its still a million degrees outside, so its super humid. and to add to that, half the week our air conditioning was out!! so we were stuck in a crazy humid building for hours and hours and it was miserable! at least outside its fresh air, not humid gross stale air! ah! it was so humid inside that the floors were slick and the windows and mirrors were fogged or dripping! so so so hot!
So the last few times we have taught i can tell my Spanish is getting better. its still super not good but definitely improving. i still just have no clue what in the crap they are saying back to me haha. i am freaking out though. i am not ready to go out into the field!! but me and another elder in my district like to talk alot! and now we are trying to tell our stories in Spanish so that we dont feel like we are wasting time and its super hard, but its helping me alot! i know it will come but its so hard! but im pretty sure i ALMOST know as much as Brigham now :) hahaha.
anywho, im doing good! i have been working hard trying to make my companionship work out better, and studying better and learning more words! my biggerst problem with spanish now is i kinda know the grammer now, and can use it a little, but i just do NOT know any words! just straight memorizing vocabulary is brutal! so so hard! but i am staying positive and know that all things will come in time as long as i am trying my hardest! i have a goal to be fluent by christmas so i can talk to you in spanish!! hahaha. good fun!

but ya life is psycho but boring here!! hahah just lots of class and espanol! ill try and write an actual letter today, since im out of time on the computer! bye bye!
-Elder MacArthur

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